October 22, 2010

Kent Coffey "Focus" Credenza

Do you remember when you first got hip to Mid Century Modern? Where were you? An auction?? Estate sale?? An Uber hip vintage furniture store?? What year was it? What piece took you over the top? When you saw it did you get that all too familiar catch in your throat and run over to it. Like you just found your panacea. Did you look left, then right, then dead center back to the piece at hand? Were your thoughts, okay how do I get this to my truck? Or was it, I can only pay $$...wonder if that saleslady will work with me? Hmmm... 

It was surreal wasn't it? I remember my first Kent Coffey purchase. I had to wait while a couple made up their mind whether to go for it. Thank goodness, they didn't get it--literally. Kent-Coffey is a very desirable company in the Mid Century Modern world. I get emails all the time about different items on this blog, but Kent Coffey leads the pack! Inevitability the letters always end with "can you tell me anything about the value?"  

My answer is always the same as I think back to when I first got it.
The value--why it's priceless of course!


L 64
H 31
W 18.5

SOLD 11/28/2010
An Orange Moon
2436 W 59th St.
Chicago,IL 60629
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
11A-5PM (Summer hours)

*Watch for time change...soon.

Did you know this Kent Coffey "Focus" piece is made of "Avodire," pronounced (av"u-du-rā'), wood. This hard, light-colored wood of a West African tree, Turraeanthus africana, of the mahogany family, is used for making furniture.