March 9, 2011

"THE CHAIR" by Hans Wegner

This Design Stars, is the chair used on set at the Kennedy & Nixon debate.  Rumour has it Kennedy requested it because he had a situation with his lower back and needed to be comfortable while sitting. AND he did not want to appear dischelved. This chair was also designed to keep your "suitcoat" in place. 

This chair was designed by Hans Wegner for Johannes Hansen, the original manufacturer, circa 1949. Hans Wegner is considered one of the most creative and productive of the Danish furniture designers. He received the Lunning prize, the grand prix of the Milan Triennale, the Prince Eugen medal and the Danish Eckersberg medal. He is an honorary Royal designer for industry of the Royal Society of Arts in London. His work is featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in Die Neue Sammlung in Munich. He died in January 2007, making his work even more appreciated and valued.
He is considered the master of the chair. This chair has the Johannes Hansen signature, fabric & finish. In other words, Hans Wegner was the shizzle!
Check out this article in Metropolis Mag. 

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