July 8, 2011


Yes I am home! I was away at the spa for two glorious weeks! I hiked on some famous trail along the river bank. Took in the scenery and learned how to breathe. Saw giant bunny rabbits & deer in the outback, and chipmunks!! They were soooo cute...I stumbled upon a great private cook-out in a cabin by a lovely rocky stream. The hill was steep! I hiked it against my better judgement. The winding path really couldn't accommodate hikers and vehicles at the same time, so in that instance, I learned patience, said "whats up" to a Forest Ranger--FYI, they still rock a complete uniform. Their doppelganger is the LAPD!!  
The first morning I was out by the pool talking to Ty, there was no Internet connection & cell phone use was prohibited indoors. He stated "wow those birds are super loud!" I replied,"I know as they squawked their loudest. We found ourselves shouting & laughing over the caw-caw-caw of winged creatures in their natural habitat. During our phone call I looked up into the early morning sun, it was at that moment I knew--
 you can take the girl out of the city...
First morning back at AOM!

But what an adventure! May I share some things I learned about myself during my Eat, Pray, Love expedition?

1. I did everything I set out to do, and more! Hiked, laid out in a hammock, actually looked up at the sky until I fell asleep. Felt good about and looked forward to napping, ate well, drank h20 like it was going out of style. This one is a biggie folks--HAD NO SUGAR FOR 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES! Yeah, yeah, I'm better for it!

2. I'm totally weirded out about the amount of litter in the city of Chicago. While on an excursion into town, I noticed a McDonald's bag in the middle of the road! Someone threw a McDonald's bag out of the window. The only litter for 50 blocks around. Please people, DON'T BE A LITTER BUG! CAUSE EVERY LITTER BIT HURTS! Ok, might I add, this is my first true experience of culture shock!

3.Figured out when the schedule said outing, it meant hiking clothes, NOT PARTY CLOTHES!! 8)

4. LEARNED HOW TO DO A KILLER SOUTHERN ACCENT--YALL! Learned the difference between a "bag & a sack," a "soda & a pop," & instead of saying "hello, how are you today," just say "all-right." 

5. Mad LOVE to the "Master Modernist" Ty McDaniel for "digging back into his psychological stack," and seeing the signs of physical decompensation; and insisting I cut-out, and stay as long as I want to.

6.Thanks to the women at the spa, that helped me get my groove back! The day we snuck away from the regularly scheduled program and grooved to T.I.'s "What You Know About This," Ciara's, "OH," Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," with a little Stones thrown in for good measure, had to be one of my greatest learning experiences. It taught me to slow down a little bit "gym shoe," smell the roses, but keep it funky! 

Ok. Tons more happened, like watching "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," great film again. Experiencing foot pain like you can't imagine from excessive hiking. (I LOVED IT!)  Flying FIRST CLASS! ALL THE COCKTAILS YOU CAN DRINK FOR NADA!! FIRST ON AND FIRST OFF THE PLANE! Ok, that's superficial nonsense ;-D The best part was coming HOME! It's strange isn't it? I needed to get away, but on the flight home, my heart was beating a million miles a minute. I was going to see my husband! My city, my home, my customers...If you've never been to AOM, we sell fantastic furniture, AND we vibe hard!! Music, Tequila, MCM...but coming home...I stepped off the plane and waiting for me in arrivals was Ty. I looked deep into his eyes before we kissed. I am home...

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