April 13, 2011

AOM on "What the Sell?!"

Hey Design Stars! What's up? Or better yet--SUP?
By now you all know I was chosen to do an episode on
"What the Sell?!" 
I just received an email from New York & they stated "our production manager lets everybody know before their episode airs, so you will hear from her beforehand."
  They claimed "they really, really liked me--Sally Field,
 it's in the can & maybe by mid April." 
I can tell you behind the scenes doing the show was super fun, the lights were hot and bright, and the camera really does add weight!! WHOA!
On the flip, remember these?

From The McDaniel personal collection, look for these fabulous & famous lamps on the opening credits of every show. Questions? Email me, text or call!
Signed Lynne "I'm Ready for My Close-Up" McDaniel
Now that's WHAZSUP! 

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