April 6, 2011

Lynne & Ty @ the Historic Chicago Bungalow Expo BOOTH #'s 8113-8115

WOW! That show was an ADVENTURE, not a trip!
Thank you Design Stars for your support!! Didn't know so many of us own  Bungalow's. And don't you just love the Merchandise Mart?? It's
Here's a quick shot of our booth's...
Please inquire on any items you see pictured!

Avoid the lines! RSVP HERE!
Have we ever met? Why not? It's Spring & we'll be at the fabulous Merchandise Mart! So come through!

(SSSShhhh--this is on the low. Y'all know its owned by the Kennedys!! Rumor has it that someone from our royal family always appears. Well, lets see if I can snag a photo with one of them.)

Stop by our DOUBLE BOOTH and check out the BIG GUNS! 
 See anything you can use? 

Kent Coffey "PERSPECTA"

Photo ops from 11a-noon with the
"Sweetheart of MCM"
Lynne McDaniel 
On the set of "What The Sell?"
More info soon...
An Orange Moon
2436 W 59th St.
Chicago,IL 60629
Friday 11a-3p
Saturday & Sunday
11a-5p Winter Hours

Show us a photo of your Bungalow for free delivery on large items!
***WE WILL BE CLOSED FRIDAY, 4/8/2011 & SATURDAY, 4/9/2011***